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im体育 put the Lincoln Building on the market, recognizing the opportune time to sell given market cycles and duration of remaining lease terms. With multiple bids received, and the last three percent of the building leasing up, a buyer was selected allowing im体育 to ultimately deliver a 19% IRR to it and its investment partners over a nine-year hold.' data-terms='{"case_study_service":[{"id":200,"name":"Dispositions","slug":"dispositions","group":0,"taxonomy":{"name":"case_study_service","label":"Case Study Services","singular_label":"Case Study Service","meta":{}},"description":"","parent_id":0,"count":1,"url":"http:\/\/\/case_study_service\/dispositions\/","meta":{}}],"case_study_region":[{"id":92,"name":"Oregon","slug":"oregon","group":0,"taxonomy":{"name":"case_study_region","label":"Case Study Regions","singular_label":"Case Study Region","meta":{}},"description":"","parent_id":0,"count":8,"url":"http:\/\/\/case_study_region\/oregon\/","meta":{}}]}' id="post-7669">
Exterior of DC Building owned by real estate investment firm im体育 properties. A Class A mid-century building in the heart of downtown Denver.
im体育 partnered with MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions and performed a building-wide investment grade energy audit to identify major deficiencies in building systems and facility improvement strategies. The audit attributed the asset’s excessive energy consumption to a lack of fan control and failing interior zones. Based on these findings, im体育’s engineering team replaced pneumatic zone controls and corrected zoning issues, and installed variable frequency drive (VFD) controls on rooftop fan units and new energy controls to optimize operating schedules. im体育’s system enhancements resulted in an elevated ENERGY STAR rating of 95, and a LEED Gold certification. By 2011, the asset experienced a significant reduction in energy consumption resulting in annual energy savings of $115,000, and a residual value from energy savings of $1.17M. The net profit from the facility improvements reached $1.01M including $99,000 in cash savings recovered before sale. Additionally, the predicted payback period was reduced from 6.6 years to 2.3 years, and the actual savings surpassed the pro forma estimate by $75,000. Before sale, the single tenant, FAA, renewed their lease through 2015.' data-terms='{"case_study_service":[{"id":84,"name":"Sustainability","slug":"sustainability","group":0,"taxonomy":{"name":"case_study_service","label":"Case Study Services","singular_label":"Case Study Service","meta":{}},"description":"","parent_id":0,"count":5,"url":"http:\/\/\/case_study_service\/sustainability\/","meta":{}}],"case_study_region":[{"id":90,"name":"Washington","slug":"washington","group":0,"taxonomy":{"name":"case_study_region","label":"Case Study Regions","singular_label":"Case Study Region","meta":{}},"description":"","parent_id":0,"count":20,"url":"http:\/\/\/case_study_region\/washington\/","meta":{}}]}' id="post-7104">
The FAA Building, a modern office midrise in Renton, WA
Bank of America Financial Center is a 20-story steel and concrete construction in Spokane CBD.
im体育 was identified as having both the local knowledge required, as well as the industry and asset type expertise, 所以被选中来管理项目. Overlake Hospital Medical Center is a 349-bed, nonprofit regional medical center in Bellevue, Washington.

Best-In-Class Property Management Pays Dividends.

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Overlake Hospital Medical Center is a 349-bed, nonprofit regional medical center in Bellevue, Washington.

In 2009, im体育 began bringing its award winning, best-in-class customer service to its 250,000 square foot portion of the seven building, multimillion square foot campus. im体育’s ability to provide fully-integrated property management, leasing, and asset management capabilities created huge value for the hospital via the ability to consolidate what had been historically vertical services. im体育 conducted rigorous evaluations to identify building inefficiencies, and areas of improvement for the existing campus. Having historically been treated as a single-occupant asset, the medical campus had numerous core building systems where improvements could reduce costs and increase tenant satisfaction. im体育’s in depth knowledge of medical office building management and leasing, coupled with its owner perspective, paid dividends, resulting in over 40,000 square feet of leasing and renewals within 12 months and achievement of the “A List Award for Excellence in Customer Service”, from CEL & Associates, a national, independent real estate consulting firm. Finally, leading the way in online medical records, a two year negotiation was completed to bring high-speed fiber optic internet access to the campus, allowing 100% of medical records to be kept online, an increasing standard of the industry, and hallmark of leading medical facilities.' data-terms='{"case_study_service":[{"id":3,"name":"Property Management","slug":"property-management","group":0,"taxonomy":{"name":"case_study_service","label":"Case Study Services","singular_label":"Case Study Service","meta":{}},"description":"","parent_id":0,"count":4,"url":"http:\/\/\/case_study_service\/property-management\/","meta":{}}],"case_study_region":[{"id":90,"name":"Washington","slug":"washington","group":0,"taxonomy":{"name":"case_study_region","label":"Case Study Regions","singular_label":"Case Study Region","meta":{}},"description":"","parent_id":0,"count":20,"url":"http:\/\/\/case_study_region\/washington\/","meta":{}}]}' id="post-6083">
Overlake Hospital Medical Center is a 349-bed, nonprofit regional medical center in Bellevue, Washington.
A class-A suburban office complex in Seattle, Washington, built in 1986 and renovated in 2000.
im体育 understood that easy access to some of Seattle’s most vibrant neighborhoods, strong transit options, and generous green space were hallmarks of an undiscovered development gem. [btn class="lg" href=""]Read More[/btn] Circular metal sign with the words "Slate Apartments & Lofts" engraved upon it.

236 Units Seattle, Wash.

The Cobb Building

Though well located and architecturally significant, the Cobb Building had become functionally obsolete and required a substantial makeover in order to stay competitive in the downtown Seattle landscape, and the necessary seismic upgrades were so pervasive that they required looking at the building anew, while the architectural and historic details were thought to be better appreciated by residents than businesses. [btn class="lg" href=""]Read More[/btn] The Cobb Building, a historic 1910 brick structure in downtown Seattle.

91 Units Seattle, Wash.

Lovejoy Blocks

Leveraging its local knowledge, im体育 was able to source, off-market, an opportunity to step into a stalled development. However, between project initiation and delivery in Q4 of 2008, the economy fell into recession and the real estate market plummeted. [btn class="lg" href=""]Read More[/btn] The Lovejoy consists of three floors of Class A office and retail atop garage parking.

83,639 square feet Portland, Ore.

Allenmore C

MultiCare Health System, a leading regional health organization, needed to expand its Allenmore Hospital campus to meet increasing demand while continuing to offer the degree of highly specialized service for which they were known. The hospital wanted the flexibility of consolidated campus ownership in order to meet the changing market needs while also maintaining a more liquid balance sheet. [btn class="lg" href=""]Read More[/btn] Allenmore C, a medical office building developed by im体育 in Tacoma, Washington.

Tacoma, Wash.

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NV, im体育's 26-story development in Portland, Ore. A modern tower with unique tiling on the exterior.
im体育 worked with leadership at MultiCare to solve their overall campus expansion requirements while understanding what unique attributes the new health care facility needed given current and potential uses. We successfully developed a new LEED-Silver medical office from the ground up, always with an eye towards the patient end-user and overall customer service experience. Delivered on time and under budget, the project was fully leased at completion and met the needs of MultiCare leadership as well as individual physicians. The investment delivered a 27% levered IRR.' data-terms='{"case_study_service":[{"id":4,"name":"Development","slug":"development","group":0,"taxonomy":{"name":"case_study_service","label":"Case Study Services","singular_label":"Case Study Service","meta":{}},"description":"","parent_id":0,"count":6,"url":"http:\/\/\/case_study_service\/development\/","meta":{}}],"case_study_region":[{"id":90,"name":"Washington","slug":"washington","group":0,"taxonomy":{"name":"case_study_region","label":"Case Study Regions","singular_label":"Case Study Region","meta":{}},"description":"","parent_id":0,"count":20,"url":"http:\/\/\/case_study_region\/washington\/","meta":{}}]}' id="post-4561">
Allenmore C, a medical office building developed by im体育 in Tacoma, Washington.
1915 Terry, a six-story office building from the 1950's, in downtown Seattle.
Aerial of Russell Investment Center in Seattle
Slate Apartments and Lofts, a modern residential development in Seattle's Interbay neighborhood.